The Median Asking Price of a Home in RI Has Jumped to $460K, and It May Go Much Higher

According to a recent article on GoLocalProv (, the median asking price for a single-family home in Rhode Island hit $460,000 in May 2023, up 11.5% YoY. The article cites data provided by Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International and points to several indicators that suggest prices may continue to climb.
One factor driving up prices is the strong demand for housing in Rhode Island, which is outpacing the available supply. There are simply not enough homes for sale to meet all of the buyers looking for properties. This lack of inventory has led to bidding wars over available homes, which in turn has driven up prices.
Additionally, low interest rates and a strong economy have made it easier for people to afford higher-priced homes. Many real estate economists predict that interest rates may drop to the 5%-6% range by the end of the year, which could drive prices higher.
Despite rising housing costs, Rhode Island still trails the metro-Boston area by more than 40% in median home price. This pricing trend is driving even more Boston-metro residents to seek comparatively cheaper housing options in Rhode Island.
The article notes that there are individual examples of how house prices continue to climb. For instance, a property on Providence’s East Side was sold in April 2022 for $880,000 and received some upgrades and modifications. It closed this month for $1,795,000.
The housing crisis in Rhode Island is characterized by insufficient inventory, soaring prices, and little new construction. There are not enough new homes being built to keep up with the demand, and the existing homes that are available are often priced out of reach for many buyers. This combination of factors has created a difficult situation for home buyers in Rhode Island.
Low inventory can cause buyers to become frustrated and give up on their search altogether. This can lead to a decrease in demand, which could eventually cause prices to level off or decline. However, the current situation in Rhode Island suggests that demand is still strong, despite the low inventory. This is likely due to a combination of factors, such as low interest rates, a strong economy, and a growing population.
As evidenced by this article, the housing market in Rhode Island is a topic of increasing concern. It remains to be seen whether prices will continue to rise or if other factors will come into play. However, it is clear that the current situation calls for careful observation and analysis to determine what will happen next.