Rhode Island (RI) Houses for Sale

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RI Real Estate Agents Selling Residential and Commerical Real Estate

RI Residential and Commercial Real Estate For Sale

Realty Quarters is happy to provide our visitors with access to some of the great properties listed for sale in Rhode Island. Although Realty Quarters owns the exclusive listing rights to some of the property you will find, we do not own the rights to all of it. If you see a a piece of RI commercial or residential real estate below, be sure to contact us for a showing.

There are several residential houses for sale in Rhode Island. When most people think of residential houses for sale, they are thinking of single family homes. According to Realtor.com, a single family house usually has several factors that define it. The first factor is that the property has no common walls. That means that the walls are contained within the home and not shared by any other living residence. Another factor is the land the single family home sits on. If the land is not shared by another house then it is considered to be single family. Finally, if a home has it’s own entrance and exit as opposed to a multifamily with common entries and exits, then it can be considered a single family house.

Rhode Island has a great deal of commercial real estate available for immediate purchase. Commercial real estate is real estate that is used for profit. Common examples of commerical real estate are large apartment buildings and shopping plazas. Both of these establishments rely on their tenants’ rent for income.