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Our FIVE STAR Google Rated expert RI Realtors love real estate and helping our real estate clients achieve their Rhode Island real estate dreams. Whether our real estate clients are buying a house or selling their house, our RI Realtors expertly guide them through all steps of the complex RI real estate process. That’s why our RI Realtors have only FIVE STAR reviews on Google!

RI Realtor Biographies

realty quarters ri real estate agent rocco quattrocchi

RI Realtor Rocco Quattrocchi

In 2005, Rocco Quattrocchi made the very important decision to become a licensed RI Realtor. Since then, Rocco has sold over $250,000,000 in real estate. Rocco has clearly established himself as a titan in the RI real estate industry. For over 15 years now, Rocco has been helping clients realize their real estate dreams through home ownership, rental income, or both. Contact RI Realtor Rocco Quattrocchi.

Never one to become complacent, Rocco, subsequent to becoming a RI Realtor, also attained his real estate license in Massachusetts and Florida. Rocco’s years of experience as a business owner have cultivated his relationships across numerous facets of the real estate field throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Florida. Realty Quarters is in the process of expanding into Massachusetts where Rocco will further be able to help his clients achieve their real estate dreams.

Most recently, Rocco and co-founder Tommy Thomasian, have created Realty Quarters, a multi- faceted approach to real estate in the Rhode Island area and beyond. Whether selling or buying a house in Rhode Island, Rocco uses his detail-oriented approach and passion for client service to see every client experience through to completion.

As a native Rhode Islander, Rocco has vast knowledge of the real estate in Rhode Island.  He welcomes the opportunity to use his real estate talents to represent clients in residential, commercial, investment, and hospitality property purchases and/or sales.

ri realtor

RI Realtor Tommy Thomasian

For the past 11 years, Tommy has been involved in the law and real estate. He is a third generation RI real estate entrepreneur and attorney. In 2014, after working as an attorney for the State of Rhode Island, Tommy opened his own law firm. Through his experience as an attorney, Tommy learned how to effectively and persuasively speak with people involved in a wide array of fields. Contact RI Realtor Tommy Thomasian. 

Inspired by his father and grandfather of the same name, Tommy seeks to combine his years of real estate knowledge with his expertise in law to better serve his clients in the Rhode Island real estate market.

Rhode Island real estate has many facets. Since 2010, Tommy has been involved in the federally subsidized facet of the RI real estate market. As one can imagine, being a part of the management team at a large multiunit property is stressful work. Tommy utilizes his listening skills as well as his determination to succeed to make sure management succeeds.

Tommy understands that the RI real estate market is ever-changing and therefore knows that in order to best serve his clients he needs to stay on top of the latest trends in RI real estate. That is why Realty Quarters only works with trusted RI Realtors that have outstanding reputations in the Rhode Island real estate industry. Tommy knows that every Realty Quarters RI Realtor is an extension of the Realty Quarters brand and reputation and will not sacrifice either.

realty quarters ri real estate agent liz ruiz

RI Realtor Liz Ruiz

Choosing a RI Realtor today can be a challenging task. It is important to choose a RI Realtor who is committed to communication and customer service. Liz is that RI Realtor. Her extensive market knowledge and attention to detail guarantee your RI real estate transaction closes on time and to your satisfaction. Contact RI Realtor Liz Ruiz.

Liz has been working with aspiring RI homeowners, RI homebuyers, and RI sellers for over 10 years as a facilitator, mentor, and Realtor. Liz is delighted to help others achieve their real estate goals by listening, learning, and applying the knowledge and experience acquired over the years personalized to meet their needs. Liz serves both English and Spanish speaking clients and can complete transactions in both languages.

As a RI Realtor, Liz has a multitude of real estate skills. Liz has a proven track record as a skilled Realtor and negotiator. She uses those skills as a salesperson to make sure her clients get top dollar for their RI real estate. When it comes to negotiation, her honed skills allow her RI real estate clients to have peace of mind they paid the best price for their Rhode Island property.

Liz Ruiz is dedicated to making sure you receive high quality service and peace of mind. Liz knows that, as your RI Realtor, everything invovled in the RI real estate process will be handled professionally and efficiently. Liz’s goal is complete customer satisfaction. She is a dedicated Realtor and committed to giving her RI real estate clients a great experience during the Rhode Island real estate process.

realty quarters ri real estate agent kelsey mcgloine

RI Realtor Kelsey McGloine

Kelsey McGloine joins the Realty Quarters team with an eagerness to help her clients attain their Rhode Island real estate dreams. Prior to diving into RI real estate, Kelsey was involved in marketing and management. These areas of expertise allowed for a seamless transition into real estate as they both focus on interpersonal communications and relationships. Contact RI Realtor Kelsey McGloine.

As a native Rhode Islander, Kelsey is intimately familiar with the real estate RI has to offer. If there is one thing her clients routinely say about her it is that she is dedicated to helping them succeed. Whether it be at night or on the weekend, Kelsey stands ready to help her clients achieve their real estate goals.

Kelsey knows the Rhode Island real estate industry is all about trust and reputation. She knows that you cannot have one without the other which is why she stakes her hard-earned reputation on every transaction she is a part of. Kelsey always aims to exceed expectations.

In addition to being a RI Realtor, Kelsey has several years of management experience in Rhode Island investment and rental properties. Her experience extends to all areas of Rhode Island. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial property, Kelsey is available, responsive, and focused on achieving your real estate goals.

realty quarters ri real estate agent teddy newcomber jr

RI Realtor Teddy Newcomer, Jr.

Teddy Newcomer Jr.  has a proven and an unparalleled track record as a hardworking and trustworthy leader. He has negotiated commercial leases and building purchases, was the property manager for 9 locations, and created strategic partnerships with fortune 500 companies as well as many local vendors in the State of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Contact RI Realtor Teddy Newcomer, Jr.

Teddy followed his mother into the hospitality industry at an early age, which is where he learned how important it was to make connections with people to bring them the highest level of customer service possible.  After over 30 years in the hospitality, Teddy knows what it takes to make his clients happy, he is a dedicated realtor and genuinely enjoys helping them through all their real estate decisions.  With his background, it is no secret Teddy’s forte is in commercial real estate.

Now, Teddy has begun a new chapter in his personal and professional growth as a licensed RI Realtor with Realty Quarters LLC, where he can now use all the skills he learned as an executive, to engage clients and help them find the properties that fit their needs.  With the hospitality mentality and always working to make the guests happy, he has begun to find a new niche where he can again engage with his clients and guide them through some of the most important purchases they will make in their lifetime.

RI Realtor Jessica Melim

RI Realtor Jessica Melim

Meet Jess! Jessica has worked as a paralegal for over 17 years, with extensive experience in both the legal and business aspects of the real estate process, having worked on hundreds of residential and commercial transactions.  She is intimately familiar with the various contracts and agreements used in both commercial and residential real estate transactions, and she knows what to look for to protect her clients’ interests.  She has also worked on many transactions that needed “creative” negotiations in order to get everyone to the finish line, and she is able to “think outside of the box”.  Jessica has developed relationships over the years with several attorneys; some who specialize in real estate closings, some who specialize in Estates, some who are title examiners/title companies, some who specialize in zoning, and the list goes on.   All of these legal specialties can be very helpful in buying and selling real estate depending on the situation.   Also tying into her legal background, Jessica understands the importance of confidentiality, always keeping your best interests in mind.      

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a long-time investor, Jessica’s wealth of knowledge and resources makes her uniquely qualified to assist anyone looking to make one of the biggest investments of their lives.  She knows that having the right Realtor makes all the difference, and she is committed to assisting buyers and sellers get to the finish line with minimal stress.  Jessica is determined to go above and beyond for her clients.  She will always be on your side, and you can trust her to get the job done. Click here to contact RI Realtor Jessica Melim.

realty quarters ri real estate agent pete skeffington

RI Realtor Pete Skeffington

Pete Skeffington has been an active RI Realtor for the past decade. His sales have taken him across Rhode Island and have allowed him to interact with a large and diverse set of customers. These interactions have allowed Pete to hone his ability to determine exactly what his clients want and exactly how much they want to pay. Pete works tirelessly to find RI homes for his clients that meet their specifications. Contact RI Realtor Pete Skeffington.

Pete is fortunate to have family from the Elmhurst neighborhood in Providence as well as Narragansett. Whether you are looking for Providence real estate or Narragansett real estate, Pete has the knowledge you need to make the best RI real estate purchase. If you are looking beyond Rhode Island, Pete is also licensed in Massachusetts.

Pete Skeffington is reliable, personable, organized, and hard working. These are all qualities that our client’s greatly benefit from. Pete looks forward to working with his clients in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and has no doubt he can find you exactly the piece of RI or MA real estate you desire.