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The **FIVE STAR** Google rated Coventry, RI Realtors at Realty Quarters promise to make your Coventry real estate experience seamless. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a beautiful house in Coventry, RI, our Coventry Realtors are experts in reading the Coventry real estate market to get you the best price. Consultations are always free and our Coventry, RI Realtors love meeting new people and helping them make their Coventry, RI real estate dreams come to life. Contact us today!

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coventry ri realtors
coventry ri realtors
coventry ri realtors

There is usually more than one way to do just about anything these days. Buying or selling Coventry, RI houses is no different. In terms of buying houses for sale in Coventry, RI, a buyer can represent themselves or use one of the Coventry Realtors at Realty Quarters. The same is true for a seller. If a seller is interested in selling their Coventry, RI house, they can do so themselves or utilize one of the Coventry Realtors at Realty Quarters.

When someone choses to sell their home and not use a Coventry, RI Realtor, it is called a for sale by owner transaction. For sale by owner transactions are less commonly offered. This will be explained further below.

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Is Hiring a Coventry, RI Realtor Expensive?

coventry ri realtors

The cost of a Coventry, RI Realtor is always a factor in deciding whether or not to buy or sell a house in Coventry. Coventry Realtors get paid via commission. A Coventry Realtor’s commission is a percentage of the sale price of the home. The seller pays the commission for the Coventry, RI Realtor chosen to sell the house. A Coventry Realtor’s commission is how they get paid for showings, open houses, phone calls, meetings, and being on call for their Coventry real estate clients.

In most Coventry, RI real estate transactions, the commission owed to Coventry Realtoras is six percent. That breaks down to three percent for the buyer’s Coventry Realtor and three percent for the seller’s Coventry’s Realtor. While this is typical, it is not always the case. Sometimes Coventry, RI Realtors will agree to less commission, say two and a half percent, if the situation calls for it. For example, if both Coventry Realtors agree to a two and a half percent commission, that allows the sellers and buyers to have an extra one percent of negotiating room.

Is it Worth it to use a Coventry, RI Realtor?

coventry ri realtors

Six Benefits to Hiring a Coventry Realtor

1. Our Coventry Realtors will expertly assess the value of your home;

2. Our Coventry Realtors are skilled negotaitors;

3. Our Coventry Realtors provide unbaised opinions of your home’s worth;

4. Our Coventry Realtors are familiar with mandatory disclosures;

5. Our Coventry Realtors are trained to price homes in any market; and

6. Our Coventry Realtors are available to show homes when you are not.

Below, our Coventry, RI Realtors explain these benefits in further detail. Once you finish, you will see why acting as your own Realtor can have dire consequences.

coventry ri realtors

If you are reading this, most likely, you are not a Coventry, RI Realtor. Selling or buying a Coventry, RI house by yourself causes you to act like a Realtor. When you act as your own Coventry Realtor, you may not be able to accurately price your house for sale thus causing costly delays. The Coventry, RI Realtors at Realty Quarters do not have an emotional connection to your home. Therefore, market value is accurately assessed.

Do you have previous negotiation experience? Do you have access to the latest market trends and forecasts? A strong negotiator is only as strong as the information used in the real estate negotiations. Our Coventry Realtors are up to date on all Coventry, RI real estate trends and topics.

Coventry, RI Realtors use market trends and analysis, along with their experience, to provide our clients with an unbiased opinion of a home’s worth. Further, our Coventry Realtors demonstrate at what price accomplishes the buyer’s or seller’s goals.

coventry ri realtors

In most real estate transactions, a list of disclosures will be provided by the seller to the buyer. Our Coventry, RI Realtors know what needs to be included in a disclosure. If you act as your own Coventry, RI Realtor, you are responsible for knowing what to disclose. Failure to do so can result in lawsuits and costly delays in closing.

Our Coventry Realtors use the latest technology to stay on top of all current market trends. Using these tools, our Little Compton Realtors can maximize your success. Without an expert Coventry, RI Realtor, you run the risk of overpricing your home or paying too much.

If you are acting as your own Coventry, RI Realtor, you will need to be at all showings and open houses. You will need to have access to your phone at all times to schedule appointments and answer questions. If you have a job, this type of availability is not common.  Our RI Realtors are available when you aren’t.

Not Using a Coventry, RI Realtor is a Costly Mistake

Now that you have finishing reading this section, you should be familiar with the pitfalls and potential costs of a for sale by owner transaction in Coventry, RI. Our Coventry, RI Realtors are ready to make your Coventry real estate dreams a reality. We invite you to contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation. We want to help you buy your dream house for sale in Coventry, RI. Call anytime at 401.757.0003. Our Coventry Realtors are ready to help! Realty Quarters is a proud member of the Kent Washington Association of Realtors.